What is it?

There is an office procedure known as rhinolaryngoscopy that is used by allergists to gain a better visualization of a patient’s nose and throat. Local anesthesia and a topical decongestant are used in the procedure in the form of nose spray to make the procedure more comfortable. Though anesthesia is applied, the patient is not sedated and is still conscious.

How does it work?

Through the use of a fiber optic scope, the doctor can see the inner linings of the nose along with the opening of sinuses to check for any structural abnormalities, like septal defects or nasal polyps. If necessary, the doctor may continue the rhinolaryngoscopy to examine the throat and voice box to check the motion and appearance of the vocal cords and the surrounding tissue.

This type of procedure is usually only used if a patient has nose bleeds, a cough, changes in vocal quality, hoarseness, or congestion. Be sure to speak with your doctor if any of these symptoms affect you frequently. This procedure doesn’t usually take more than 30 minutes and doesn’t require any special preparation, like fasting. In fact, a patient who undergoes this procedure can drive themselves home.


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