Allergy Testing

What is it?

Skin testing has been used successfully by practitioners for over 100 years to diagnose allergic disorders. Allergy skin testing is non-invasive and, for most allergens, produces quick results! These tests are completed using a plastic device dipped in a diluted allergen which pricks the surface of the skin. This test is sometimes referred to as a “scratch test.” This information provides our board-certified allergist with the ability to specifically treat you in the best way.

How it works

  • Prick tests are typically performed on the patient’s back. An alternate location for testing is the forearm.
  • After 15-20 minutes, the location of the prick is observed to determine a positive or negative result. 
  • A raised, itchy bump called a “wheal,” with surrounding redness called a “flare” indicate the presence of allergy antibodies to that allergen.
  • A larger reaction signifies a greater sensitivity to that particular allergen.

If the results of prick or puncture tests are negative, they may be followed by intradermal tests for older patients, which give allergists more details about what’s causing the underlying symptoms.

  • Intradermal Testing: Using a small and very thin needle, a diluted allergen is injected just below the skin surface.
  • Intradermal testing results can be determined within 15-20 minutes after application as well.

We know allergy testing is available from many providers but hope to help you understand the importance of seeing a trained allergist to ensure the best possible outcome for you or your loved one. Test results do not diagnose an allergy, but our trained physician can interpret the results, along with a detailed medical history to come up with the best treatment plan.


We’d love to meet with you to address your allergy concerns.



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